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Another Anatomy

The Absolution of the Bee


She enters the magenta mouth

burrowing into bright yellow petals

curled and waiting in a circle at the bottom

of the cholla blossom each finger of sun

stroking her in turn each touch leaving

the finest golden dust unseen the red coal

breathing redder inside the striped furred shell

as she goes and goes into that goodness

as if dragged drugged almost stumbling almost

rolling on her back like a dog in grass

not knowing this cannot she cannot last

or so we suppose


So let us be forgiven if 

in certain moments we forget the shadow 

of our urgent pleasure the dark companion

of this frenzied going in and in as if to dissolve

unbounded forever the best death we can imagine

then coming back through senses stunned alive

to gather what we can with prodigious tongues and six

legs gathering from belly back flanks and head

the sweet gold that feeds our kind of making 

O let us be forgiven if sometimes we rise

and swing away on a string of air


(originally appeared in The Albuquerque Tribune)



"Jay Udall intones the singing voice of the primal, the sounds of insects, animals, of lovemaking. He reminds us of 'The Great Secret' that 'ïn the beginning was a hole/ and it made world and word to speak/ into its bottomless ear.' In these poems we feel we are face-to-face with mysteries of earth and creation, mysteries so true, we had forgotten them, till his poems, with frank tenderness, brought them to us again." --Anne Marie Macari