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Art by Rachel Udall, Cover by Nancy Parsons

Because a Fire in Our Heads

"Jay Udall has has composed a book haunted by violence, killing, war, and nature’s own disasters, daring us not to look away, yet also offering at our most sunken depths ”a buoyancy from nowhere/ lifting, some gravity pulling up.” Amid “skin, scale, fur/ and feather,” through dirt and sky, although our species is “the kind who murder our own in schools and churches,” Udall teaches us to love and praise creation: “the living work, the thick and quick of it.” I am grateful for the precision and tenderness of this emerging poet. --Alicia Ostriker, author of Waiting for the Light

The Welcome Table

"Reminiscent of William Stafford, in their everyday mysticism and transpersonal dreaming, Jay Udall's poems open and open, like 'air, earth, skin: a door.' With pantheistic richness and generosity, Udall's poems are in dialogue with the gods of cockroach and catalpa, 'leaf lungs and sky,' all the 'wild messengers,' strange and stranger kin. The Welcome Table engages us in a project of gorgeous and insistent seeing and naming, 'telling the world' and listening, too--profoundly. This is a remarkable, radiant collection."
--Paula McLain, author of Circling the Sun and Love and Ruin

Another Anatomy

“Jay Udall intones the singing voice of the primal, the sounds of insects, animals, of lovemaking…In these poems we feel we are face to face with the mysteries of earth and creation.” –Anne Marie Macari, author of Red Deer

Home in the Dark

“Udall celebrates not only the presence of the human species but also the whole community of life.”–Jack Loeffler, author of Voices of Counterculture in the Southwest