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“Openness, depth, imagination and precision.”
–V.B. Price
“A passionate Lawrentian poet...He sings beautifully and the lion roars.”
–Gerald Stern
“Magical and uncommonly compassionate.”
–John Nichols

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The Welcome Table
“What a fine book this is. The poems are wide and deep, they honor the living and the dead, they tackle the minute particulars and the cosmic ones with a perfect steady unblinking deftness of language...Udall makes me grateful to be at his welcome table.”
–Alicia Ostriker

Another Anatomy
“Jay Udall intones the singing voice of the primal, the sounds of insects, animals, of lovemaking…In these poems we feel we are face to face with the mysteries of earth and creation.”
–Anne Marie Macari

Home in the Dark
“Udall celebrates not only the presence of the human species but also the whole community of life.”
–Jack Loeffler