Selected Works

Books of Poetry
"sublime revelation...a triumph."
-Darrell Bourque
“Openness, depth, imagination and precision.”
–V.B. Price
“A passionate Lawrentian poet...He sings beautifully and the lion roars.”
–Gerald Stern
“Magical and uncommonly compassionate.”
–John Nichols

Another Anatomy

This is an important book to me in that it marks a transition from the relatively realistic approach of my first three volumes to a more experimental style. The poems explore the imaginative resources of the body, its passageways to other times and places, other animals, other lives.


Across the desert’s dark body
scraps of mica scatter sparks of moonlight—
millions of mirrors, stars, eyes.
Lying beside you, your body incandescent
in sleep, I’m seen, I see—
eyes in fingertips and skin,
in hair, genitals, tongues,
in the green silence of leaves
outside our window, eyes
in the hollow shell of a beetle
found in a disregarded field,
in the faces of childhood friends
returning unbidden, asking for my hand,
in the motionless cane of an old man
murdered by soldiers while crossing a bridge.
Eyes in purple verbena beside the road.